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Pilates Instructor

Flavia started practising Pilates in 2014 after a friend could not stop praising it – to the point that she wanted to see what the hype was all about. As a child, Flavia was a keen gymnast and has been movement-curious all her life. Gyms did not fit the bill and she was always looking for meaningful, disciplined movement that would resemble gymnastics. Flavia explains “This is what really hooked me with Pilates: its focus on the quality of the movement, which improves with practice and widens the opportunities available to every one of us. I believe in movement as an experience, rather than a sequence of exercises.”

This passion for Pilates led Flavia to qualify as an instructor (both mat and equipment), before continuing her studies to gain Pre- and Post-Natal qualifications. She is also a specialist in Hypermobile and EDHS syndrome as well as Stroke rehabilitation.

If this was not enough, Flavia also teaches Trigger Point Pilates™, which blends Pilates with the principles of Myofascial release and focuses on the Pelvic Floor and Orthopaedic restorative work. Beyond Pilates, she is a Biomechanics Coach and teaches Boxercise, Barre Fitness and Aqua Fitness.

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