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Pilates Instructor

Elaine’s career in dance began when she attended a full-time ballet school as a teenager, and she had been a professional dancer, choreographer, teacher and examiner for over 30 years. She has over 25 years teaching experience and is an examiner and lecturer for the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing.  


Throughout her dance career she became increasingly interested in the connection between mind and body during movement and looked to follow a more holistic approach to her teaching and own personal movement and exercise.  

Teaching Pilates was a natural transition, and she finds the holistic approach of Pilates nourishes the mind and body, promoting whole body health. She is particularly interested in enabling her clients to achieve optimum posture and movement patterns in everyday life and in helping them develop a balance of strength and flexibility in their bodies. The mind- body connection is key to Elaine’s teaching, which is influenced by the complementary movement practise of the Feldenkrais and Franklin Methods and her training as a contemporary dancer at The London Contemporary Dance School at The Place. 


Her original mat work training was with Active IQ and her Comprehensive equipment training is with Polestar Pilates. 

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