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Work every muscle in your body with this fun and varied group class for up to 6 people.  

You certainly won't get bored! During a 50-minute class, you will rotate around 4 different types of Pilates equipment, spending 1-3 minutes on each exercise for a total-body workout. Hand weights are also incorporated for building upper body strength.  

A combination of small class size and an experienced Pilates instructor ensures that exercises are adapted to suit the individual and correct Pilates principles are followed. 

Our studios are newly equipped with spring-loaded wunda chairs, ladder barrels and reformers.  Check out the video opposite to see them in action.   


These classes are the perfect accompaniment for regular reformer users wanting to enhance their fitness between sessions.  Or, indeed for anyone looking to increase strength, balance and agility whilst having some fun along the way.  

Now available at both Chiswick and Richmond .

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