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Lysta's Health Hub is a subscription-based service designed for pre and post-menopausal women. You will find an array of workout videos to follow from the comfort of home.  Choose from Pilates, yoga, cardio or weights.  The 'Express' 10-minute workouts have proved extremely popular as they are easy to fit into a busy day but also pack a punch.


Workout videos are regularly updated so you will always find something new to try.


It is not all about working out either!  You will also find a wealth of information on women's health and can watch Lysta in conversation with experts, including menopause specialist Dr Nick Panay. 

Photo of lady doin Pilates on mat holding a weight

- Fitness videos for women in menopause -

- Conversations with leading experts -

- 40+ workout videos -

- Nutrition advice -

- Pilates, Yoga, Weights -

and much much more....


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