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Pilates Instructor

Born in Jamaica and raised across the Caribbean my journey with pilates began after I had my third child and injured my back postpartum. I found the focus on core strength, alignment and breathing to be both empowering for my healing journey physically as well as therapeutic for my mental wellbeing as a mum of three busy kids. Beyond the mat, pilates taught me to focus on how I moved in my day to day activities outside of the gym and has allowed me to stay active, present and pain free. I truly believe Pilates to be a extraordinary practise available to all fitness levels with tangible results in toning, strengthening and mobility that benefits all ages. 

I qualified in Mat and Reformer Pilates in 2021 and recently remarried and moved to London. I love helping people truly connect with the strength in their bodies and find healing through movement. I bring lots of fun to my class sessions and am a big cheerleader for my clients and their journey to a healthier happier body. 

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