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Skincare Specialist

Sheihla has a passion for all things skin. This passion was nurtured by her culture, where skin health and rejuvenation are pursued almost religiously.  

Over the years, Sheihla has learnt about the efficacy of natural remedies, which is fundamental to her practice. She understands how skin renews and ages, and how modern modalities can help skin revive its health, tone and texture.  As a qualified beauty therapist & skin care practitioner, Sheihla understands skin types, their needs and response to various treatments and products.  She delivers effective results by combining her technical knowledge with practical experience of treatments and bespoke product combinations 

At SKIN:TONE Sheihla listens to her clients’ wishes; and works with them using her extensive knowledge and experience to revive their skin and improve well-being.  She sets achievable targets and then works towards them through customised treatment plans.

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