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Seon Lupin


Seon brings 7 years of dedicated experience to Balance & Flow. Aiding individuals with chronic pain, sports injuries, and chronic diseases to enhance their quality of life. With a diverse clientele spanning from infants to seniors, pregnant mothers to athletes and musicians, Seon has a broad spectrum of expertise.

Beyond conventional practice, Seon has also worked extensively with diverse groups, including disabled patients, the homeless, and psychiatric patients, assisting them in improving health and function. Seon is also a qualified Naturopath and is able to incorporate naturopathic principles to his treatments, guiding patients towards optimal health.

Operating at the intersection of osteopathy and soft tissue therapy, Seon focuses on working with the nervous system to create optimal relaxation and improve the function of the musculoskeletal system. This approach aims to provide comprehensive care, facilitating the body's innate healing processes at Balance and Flow, Seon is committed to providing personalised care and support to all patients, fostering an environment where individuals can enhance their well-being and functionality.

Seon Lupin
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