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Gennai is a highly experienced and passionate Physiotherapist, Medical Acupuncturist, and Exercise Specialist.

Mission: To empower individuals at the prime of their life to stay active and pain-free through a holistic approach to movement and wellness.


  • Almost 20 years of experience in the NHS and Private Hospitals

  • UK-registered Physiotherapist

  • Qualified Medical Acupuncturist

  • Certified Exercise Specialist

Being a lifelong fitness enthusiast herself, Gennai understands the importance of maintaining good joint and muscle health for a fulfilling life. She combines her extensive knowledge with a compassionate approach to help patients achieve their mobility & wellness goals.

Services offered:

  • Physiotherapy treatment for various conditions

  • Medical Acupuncture for Pain Management ; Health & Wellness

  • Personalised exercise programs to improve strength and mobility

  • Posture MOT

  • Home Visits around SW London & Surrey

Visit Gennai's youtube channel here for expert tips and advice

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